Around park: 5km


Gennep, the pleasant town of Gennep has a fortress past. The Martinus tower, the medieval city wall and the architecture of the Petershuis, among other things, remind us of earlier times. The beautiful street scene, the interesting museums, the cultural events, the cafes and the nice shopping center make a visit to Gennep more than worthwhile. Gennep also has a rich ceramics past and still has a lively art and ceramics culture today. Discover the special Ceramics cycling route, a versatile culture-historical route that you should not miss out on.
It is not without reason that they say: Ceramics city Gennep, enjoyment in many shapes! But Gennep has more to offer than this rich history. How about a visit to Museum het Petershuis, one of the many cycling and walking routes or the always pleasant events inside the village.