Residence Heijendael


  • Located in a unique spot
  • 15 minutes from Germany
  • Vibrant nature in the area

A fantastic environment

Near the German border
Many castles, even more natural beauty, pleasant shopping centers, museums and pilgrimage sites. These are just a few things that Heijen and the surrounding area has to offer.

This area, which the Maas passes through, has a rich cultural-historical past because of the river and because it was on the border with the German-speaking region. Trade and war alternated, which today results in lots of things to see and experience on both the Dutch and German sides of the border.

For example, Heijen itself has a castle, just like neighboring towns Arcen, Lottum, Molenhoek and Kleve in Germany where you can view these beautiful legacies from the time when the nobility still ruled the region.

Golf course
On the way to Afferden, you will also find the castle ruin Bleijendaal and a beautiful golf course. The castles on both sides of the border are not only separated from each other by the Maas, but also by the Maasduinen. This green strip and the adjacent forests run along the Dutch-German border from the Reichswald near Groesbeek to Venlo.

What to do during a holiday at Residence Heijendael?

During a holiday at Residence Heijendael you will not be bored for a moment, since there is plenty to do in the area. If you are fond of nature, you can visit De Maasduinen National Park, an impressive nature reserve that is characterized by forest, heathland and shifting sand. If you prefer to spend a day shopping, then you would do well to visit one of the nice cities in the area such as Nijmegen, Eindhoven, Venlo or Cuijk. Thanks to its location on the river Maas and on the border with Germany, history and culture lovers can also indulge themselves in the vicinity of Residence Heijendael. They can, for example, admire the castle in Heijen or one of the neighboring towns. What all places in the region have in common is the exuberant character. You can taste this great lifestyle in the restaurants and cafes. The Hertog Jan brewery in Arcen is also a half hour drive from Heijen.

In short, the Heijen area has something for everyone and Residence Heijendael is therefore ideal for a holiday for young and old!

  • Near the German border - 10 minutes
  • De Maasduinen National Park - 10 minutes
  • Various castles - In Heijen, Arcen, Lottum, Molenhoek and Kleve
  • Golf course - 8 minutes
  • Nijmegen - 25 minutes
  • Cuijk - 15 minutes